Harbor Springs Municipal Airport

Departure & Final Approach Info


It is the responsibility of the Harbor-Petoskey Airport Authority to maintain and operate MGN as a General Utility Public-Use Airport, licensed by the Michigan Department of Transportation, Aeronautics Division, in accordance with Federal, State, local rules and regulations.

Increased activity both in air traffic and land development necessitates the need for mutual cooperation between the flying public and surrounding property owners. Noise and safety issues are of utmost concern to the Authority in order to maintain community support for continued operation as a Public-Use Airport.

Compliance with these noise abatement procedures is requested unless deviations are made necessary by weather, air traffic control instructions or clearances, in-flight emergencies or other safety considerations. We urge your cooperation…thanks!!

The Harbor-Petoskey Area Airport Authority

Departure (PDF)

Final Approach (PDF)

General Procedures (PDF)

Approach Photo

Departure Photo

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